Thursday, July 16

4– 6PM:  Registration & Reception

6:30PM: Welcome & Dinner

Dr. Bob Pennington, Mount St. Joseph University

“The Bridge between Cardijn and the Americas”

7:30pm: Keynote 1

Dr. Thomas Kelly, Creighton Univ. Prof. of Theology

“Rutilio Grande SJ”

9 PM: Reception & Art Show

Friday, July 17

8AM: Breakfast

9AM: Keynote 2

Dr. Carlos Schickendantz, Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile

“See-Judge-Act in Latin America”

10:15 – 11:15 AM: Workshops 1, English & Spanish track

Dora Magana MS and Rossana Perez MA

Recordando” – Este taller pretende hacer un análisis sobre el impacto en la comunidad religiosa a través de la Teología de la Liberación en América Latina después los encuentros de Medellín a Puebla 1968-80, así mismo dialogar sobre el puente creado entre la comunidad religiosa y el movimiento popular social. En este taller hacemos una reflexión sobre la Memoria Histórica y los hechos vividos durante los años de persecución del movimiento social y de la Iglesia en El Salvador y los efectos de la misma en las nuevas generaciones. También construye un puente de acción por medio del dialogo intergeneracional.

Andy Rodriguez,  Borris Villanueva, and Frank Schofield, Bresee Foundation


11:30 – 12:30 PM: Workshop 2, English & Spanish track

Archdiocese of Los Angeles Spanish Young Adults


12:45PM: Lunch, Latin American Troubadour Concert, Resource Fair

2:00 PM: Keynote # 3

Dr. Kim Harris, Loyola Marymount University

Topic: Liturgical Justice Through Sacred Song

Dr. Harris’ keynote will focus on the spirituals and freedom songs of the African American experience, along with the resistance movements they accompanied. The liturgical use of this music within and beyond the African American Catholic community is the basis of her composition of The Welcome Table Mass of Spirituals (GIA Publications 2012). She advocates for the use of spirituals and culturally cued music of other heritages as means for the promotion of liturgical welcome and justice, especially within ethnically mixed communities and shared parish settings.

3:45PM – 4:45PM: Workshop 3, English & Spanish track

JR Zerkowski, Founder & Director of the Diocese of Lexington Catholic LGBTQ+ Ministry and Catholic Ministry to Family, Friends and Allies of LGBTQ+ Persons, and Executive Director of Fortunate Families

“Intentional parish/high school/diocesan LGBTQ+ Ministry and Ministry to LGBTQ+ persons’ families and friends

Yunuen Trujillo and Fr. Mike Gutierrez, Archdiocese of Los Angeles

“Welcoming LGBTQ+ in Parishes”

5:00PM: Reception and Resource Fair

6:00PM:  Dinner

7:00pm: Keynote #4

Dr. Rafael Luciani, Boston College, Prof. Theology

Title: “A New Way of Proceeding: The Genesis of Latin American Theology and Ecclesial life.” Luciani will discuss how the method see-judge-act of the Catholic Action generated a process before the Council that then lead to the birth of Liberation Theology and Ecclesial Life communities. In fact, Gutiérrez and Gera were both Advisers and member of the Catholic Action groups, where they learned and lived the method.


8AM: Breakfast

9AM: Keynote #5

Dr. Robert Lassalle-Klein, Holy Names University

10:15-11:15AM: Workshop #4

Marco “Blitch” Vizioli

Topic: The Phenomenon of God in Recovery: On Grace & Addiction.

At Omega Alpha Recovery, our research is an inquiry into the pneumatological dimension of recovery for drug addicts and alcoholics, how divine grace is fundamental for a personal transformation, and the ministerial practices that connect with Biblical principles. In this workshop I will discuss how the Holy Spirit plays a role in the recovery process, as well as the phenomenological shift that occurs in the addict/alcoholic (mentally, spiritually, etc.) in order for a transformation to occur in their recovery process. The intellectual tradition of the Catholic Church provides a vivid and dynamic approach to the addictions and attachments human beings face. It also delivers hope and promises to reconcile even the most afflicted of us in divine union. The wisdom needed to understand and face the current crisis can be found throughout sacred scripture, in the theology of the ancient Church Fathers, and in the works of various scholastics over 2000 years. In this workshop, we propose to recognize the current state of alcoholism and addiction, and investigate the unique opportunity that the Catholic Church has to make a difference in our approach to healing this disease.

11:30-12:30PM: Workship #5

Hannah Bowman, Mount St. Mary’s University, Graduate Student

“A Christian Case For Prison Abolition

Catholic Charities USA

Topic: Cardijn’s See-Judge-Act in Catholic Institutions

12:45: Lunch and Resource Fair

2PM: Keynote #6

Sixto Garcia, Pedro Arrupe Jesuit Institute, Miami, FL

“Teologia del Pueblo: Political Theology and Mysticism in Rafael Tello, Medellin, and Aparecida.”

3:45PM – 4:45PM: Workshop 3, English & Spanish track

Baltimore Group, led by Nancy Conrad

Topic: Cardijn’s See-Judge-Act in Parishes

5:00PM: Reception and Resource Fair

6:00PM:  Dinner

7:00pm: Keynote #7

Fr. Orlando Erazo, Archdiocese of San Salvador

Romero & Grande


9AM: Mass, Our Lady of Mercy Chapel

10:30AM: Sunday Brunch

11:30AM: Concluding remarks

Ana Grande and Dr. Laurie Wright Garry

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